About Medals of Honor

Our Mission:

HONOR — Fallen Men and Women of the United States Military

HEAL — The visible and invisible wounds of war and bring comfort to Gold Star Families

CONNECT — Active duty Military, Veterans, Civilians and Surviving families through endurance sports and fitness.

Medals of Honor  is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt ID #47-5273214.

HONOR: Memorial Bibs

We travel to selected events across the country and handout Memorial Back Bibs to individuals who wish to honor our fallen through their event. These bibs containing the names of our fallen warriors and given out at no cost to the racer or the family. Nothing is asked of the racer other than to honor the sacrifice.

HEAL: Enduring Heroes

The Enduring Heroes funds potential athletes who are also Active Duty Military, Veterans or Surviving family members so that they may compete in endurance sports as a method of healing and growth. Medals of Honor will help cover the cost of: entry fees, coaching, equipment and travel expenses for these American VIPs!


CONNECT: Remembrance Packages

We give Americans a tangible way to thank and give back to the families that lost loved ones while serving our Military. Through Medals of Honor individuals can compete in endurance type fitness events as a way to honor fallen U.S. service member and donate their personal finisher’s medal to the surviving family. It doesn’t matter if they are walking their first 5K or racing a full Ironman Triathlon we welcome them to honor the sacrifice via their event. These individuals “racers” are welcome to send personal notes, letters, race swag or any other token they would like to the family to have. We repackaged these items along with a handwritten note from our founder and mail them off to their fallen hero’s family. We enclose a card that gives the name, state, and event of the person who honored their loved one. These Remembrance Packages act as a physical reminder that their fallen loved one’s service, sacrifice and life in NOT forgotten; we remember!


What others are saying about Medals of Honor


“Our biggest fear as a Gold Star Family is that our son Ben will be forgotten. Having had someone race, in memory of him, was very healing to our family. To us it signified that others appreciated his service and that he was not just another number. It not only helped keep his memory alive, but truly honored the sacrifice he made for our country. I know he would have been so proud.”

Brenda Gearheart, TN — Proud Gold Star Mom of LCpl. Benjamin H. Gearheart


“Racing to honor the sacrifices of our fallen heroes has really given my purpose of racing much more meaning. Just knowing that I am running for a real purpose, one that brings awareness that may not have been there before means so much, it’s not about me anymore and earning medals, it’s about honoring the real heroes of this world.”

Chuck Garza, TX — Purchasing Agent


“Cycling to me is my way of staying alive… as a PTSD veteran, I found my way of coping with my depression by simply jump on my bike and ride away… but more than that, I live to pay it forward to my brothers and sisters. Since 2013, I’ve been cycling to honor our nation’s heroes, those who can’t no more and those who gave their ultimate sacrifice for our FREEDOM. I know how painful it is to lose a brother or sister in the battlefield, to bring the news to their families and giving them the painful news that their son or daughter won’t be here for the holidays no more. It’s not about us, it’s not about our accomplishments, it’s about how we keep their memories alive forever and how we pay it forward to their families by simply keeping our hero’s memory alive. I live to stay alive, that’s what cycling does for me, but most important, I bike to honor our fallen and to honor their families, to let them know that they are not alone and that their hero’s memory will live forever; that’s why I do it, that’s what I do for them.”

Norberto Roman, TN — US Army (Ret)


“As a US Navy veteran and a 25 year Firefighter / Paramedic, I have an idea about public service and commitment. It has been a great honor to represent the fallen and their sacrifice for our country. Medals of Honor is a noble cause my brothers and sisters in public safety have embraced with all of their heart and soul.”

Tim Barrett, FL — Training Officer Sanibel Fire and Rescue


“My 1st husband, Jacques Fontan, was killed on 6/28/2005 during the Operation Red Wings mission. Jacques was one of the Seals that was killed when the helicopter was shot down and there is not a day that goes by that he is not thought of and missed. With each passing year since his death you wonder how many people actually remember those killed and I can say without hesitation Amy Cotta remembers. What Amy is doing is Amazing. Amy reached out to me just over a year ago asking if I’d allow her to wear Jacques’ picture while running in her next race and I was so honored. Here is this woman I’ve only met once and she is wanting to remember and honor Jacques and I was so touched. Shortly after her race there were pictures and touching words exchanged and I was feeling so grateful for her and her loving heart. Then I received this package, a race medal from the race she just completed with a picture of the participant whose medal I received. She asked other race participants to volunteer to give up their race medals to send to the families of the service members she raced for and honored and I was instantly brought to tears. Amy is not only honoring them but encouraging others to remember those who sacrificed all and there are no words to thank her for that. What Amy is doing is special, honoring and so meaningful to the families of the men/woman she is honoring but most of all remembering.”

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